Sample Submission Procedure


Samples should be submitted along with duly filled application form ( FORM 1 - work order form) given in the link order should contain applicant’s complete official address with pin code, contact number, and email ID.

Billing address: to whom the invoice is to be raised.

Applicant address: Name of applicant, course of study, Department Name of University/college

Certificate address: only for Industries

Sample description: sample content

Sample Code: Sample identification code, this name will appear in the result

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After receiving the samples at our end, we will register your request and send you registration details over email. This registration details contain a serial number and a reference number. please use these details whenever you contact us either email or over phone.

2. Submit samples and work order individually if multiple analysis is required.

(eg: if a person requires SEM and XRD analysis two application forms and two sets of samples are required)

3. Category III users (educational purpose) should mention the name of the student,in the work order who is in need of the analysis. Please get a forwarding signature from Supervisor/Head of the Department/Principal and seal on the application form.
4. Submit samples in air tight vials, Without damage.
5. e-mail ID and contact number of the user is mandatory (SPECIFY THE EMAIL ID LEGIBLY). Results will be dispatched by email only..
6. Mention clearly the details of the sample ( ingredients, presences of halogen,nitrates, amino group, hydrazine, solvents used for preparation etc ) (SAMPELS SUBMITTED WITHOUT THESE DETAILS WILL BE REJECTED)
7. Samples will not be returned after analysis. if you need samples back please collect it directly with in a week of date of dispatch of results.
8. Re submission of samples will be accepted along with FORM 7 only.

Payment details

2. The analysis charge is given at . The charges are inclusive of taxes. To arrive at total analysis cost multiply the analysis charge in the table by number of samples for that particular analysis. add Rs 100/- towards email/postal charge to the total analysis charge. payments for all analysis at a time can be done together.
3. Address for submitting the sample: The Director, STIC, Cochin University P.O,Kochi 682022, Kerala, India,
4. Samples can be submitted by India Post/Speed Post/courier

Sample Quantity Required and Other Details

Thermo Gravimetric Analysis-DTA

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Quantity required 20mg

Quantity required 20mg



Explosives (Nitrate containing samples) and Oil samples will not be accepted

Explosives (Nitrate containing samples) and Oil samples will not be accepted

CHNS Analysis


Quantity: 20 mg or 15 ml

Quantity: 200 mg of solid sample or 50 ml digested solution.

Powder/liquid Mention if halogen is present

Details of sample matrix is mandatory. Standards of 50 elements are available. Mention all required elements.

FTIR spectrometer analysis

UV vis NIR Spectrophotometer

Quantity required 10 mg

100 mg if solid (DRS method) 20 ml if liquid



Thin films not possible

NMR Analysis


10 mg / 6ml Pure sample solid/liquid

100 micro liter/0.1mg (liquid/solid)

Check the solubility in following Solvents available Chloroform, DMSO, Acetone, Methanol, Water

Specify the mass range and MATRIX

For higher option and please contact laboratory

Submit matrix which are not available with us. please contact laboratory

Powder XRD

Single crystal XRD

75mg solid samples, dimension 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm x 0.5cm ( polymer /metal)

4-5 crystals, Good quality crystal 2mm at least. Preserve in mother liquid or in liquid paraffin

Powder, thin films solid samples polymers etc

Submit following details along with crystal: possible atoms present, details of all solvents used. Expected structure If known





Powder/Solid samples

Metal or other solid specimen


1 cm x 1cm x 0.5 cm (lbh)

Powder /liquid dispersion, hard polymers.

Magnetic samples will not be accepted

Para magnetic samples may be accepted.