CUSAT, Cochin - 682 022, Kerala, India.

STIC is accredited by NABL for Electro-Technical Calibration since 1998. The Electro-Technical Calibration Lab is equipped with high precision multifunction calibrators, high accuracy multimeters, oscilloscopes, power analysers, LCR meters, Frequency Counters, Standard Resistance, etc. from manufacturers of international repute.

Calibration Capability-Electro-Technical (Instrument wise)

Digital Multimeters (up to 6 ½ Digit Resolution) Power Supplies
Multi-Function Calibrators Insulation Resistance Testers / Meggers
Process calibrators Earth leak Testers / Earth Resistance Testers
Single & 3 phase Power Meters / Analysers Temperature Indicators / Controllers / Recorders / Loggers
Phase Meters / Power Factor Meters Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Systems
Standard Resistances / Decade Resistance Boxes L/C/R Meters
Kelvin Bridges / Wheatstone’s Bridge / Micro Ohmmeters Clamp Meters / Testers / CTs
Capacitance / Inductance Boxes Stopwatches / Timers
Analog/Digital Oscilloscopes Ammeters
Frequency counters Voltmeters
Arbitrary Signal Generators / Function Generators High Voltage Probes / Meters

Calibration Capability-Electro-Technical (Parameter wise)

Sl.No Parameter/ Measured Quantity Range/ Frequency Range/ Frequency
1. DC Voltage 1mV-1000V
2. DC Current 100uA-20A
    20A-1000A (for clamp meters only)
3. AC Voltage 20mV-1000V 10Hz-100kHz
    1V-200V 100kHz-1MHz
4. AC Current 200uA-20A 10Hz-30kHz
    200uA-20mA 30kHz-100kHz
    20A-1000A (for clamp meters only) 50Hz
5. Resistance 0.010hm - 20GOhm  
6. Frequency 10Hz-1GHz  
7. Capacitance 100pF-40mF 1kHz