CUSAT, Cochin - 682 022, Kerala, India.

A development Centre for Small and Medium Scale Industries.

The IRDL is a unique facility established in STIC in the year 2003, with the support of the Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Kerala. The laboratory is intended to provide adequate development facility for industrial products, with essential laboratory, tool room, workshop, and library facilities and expertise in relevant fields to small and medium scale industries in Electronics. This is for entrepreneurs to experiment on new designs, hardware and software innovations and product development so that these industries may come out with quality products, which will be in good demand in the global market.

The Laboratory works to suggest methods of improving a product brought in for testing/calibration as well. In addition to suggesting modifications, the IRDL can point out specific steps to be taken for overall improvement of the specifications of the system. Essential facility for the study of such electronic systems, equipment, tools and books/magazines are made available by STIC in this laboratory. Expertise for the facility is drawn from Industry, University Departments and Amateurs with remarkable track record with electronic products.

A variety of measurement and testing facilities have been set up in the IRDL of STIC. Entrepreneurs are welcome to design and test any electronic product of commercial interest in this laboratory.

Any more information about this facility and the services/technologies it can offer, can be obtained from The Director, STIC (